Planning Overview

The partners & staff of ESI Services Inc. have extensive experience in assisting owners in project development and existing facility evaluations. Our credentials include PE, PS, and Real Estate licenses. We have an extensive cost data base and industry standards which cover the full spectrum of project types. The evaluation process covers existing facilities and planning far into the future. All analysis is tempered with time value of money. We also consider the ability of facilities to meet program quality. Clients often involve ESI Services Inc. in early site selection and budget development. We are included in the financial analysis required to secure capital investment. We also perform these same services for existing facilities, determining the best uses of capital to bring facilities back to code compliance, meet operational needs, and provide proper return on investment.

Services Available

  • Economic Analysis
  • Master Plans
  • Value Engineering
  • Budget Development
  • Pro Formas
  • Land Usage
  • Facility Evaluation
  • Site Evaluation
  • Project Scheduling
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